Dyvil is a multi-paradigm, general purpose programming language that is based on Java and the JVM. It is compiled, statically and strongly typed and supports object-oriented, functional and imperative programming styles. The modern and extensible syntax is based on Swift, Kotlin and Scala.
As a new programming language in active development, the main goals of the Dyvil project are the following:
  • to provide modern syntax and semantics
  • to avoid common boilerplate code
  • to achieve performance comparable to Java programs
  • to be fully compatible and interoperable with Java and other JVM languages like Scala, Kotlin or Groovy
In addition to the Dyvil-to-JVM-Bytecode compiler, the toolchain consists of an executable REPL, a full-fledged standard library including an extensive collection framework, the Dyvil Property Format library and specification, and the GenSrc source code generation and text template specialization tool. Information on all components as well as the language itself can be found in this language reference.
Last modified 2mo ago